Monday, June 6, 2011


nngh. The fuckers in my head getoutgetoutgetoutgetout he wwont stop it hurts shitshitshit the notwtbook it is putrpose it has the wkey to all

make it stop make it stop makwe  it s s stop

they watch tehy wagftch all teh time we cantr stop them we cant get out cgant gety away not ever

hes there

wait ing for me to drop.

it was him that bastard did this tom e

iil kill\ him for it i swear

nonononononononononono get out.


hes here.

hes here and ill  

FEAR not, Daniel. The pawn can be dealt with. You can be made safe. ARCHANGEL will be no more if you cease resisting us so forcefully. The choice is yours, of course. The painful void of death ARCHANGEL can offer you, or to walk the streets unencumbered. The windows are locked, but a door is open. We will wait for you.

But for the time being, rest. You will know what is required of you next.