Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Notebook

No, not the crappy chick flick (that sound you hear is half  my female followers leaving in disgust, by the way). The one from the evidence locker. And it's damn confusing.
Strangeness begins with the cover. I could swear I've seen that symbol before.
"embrace the archangel", huh? Maybe this guy had a one-man suicide cult. Also, yes, that is blood. Slitting your own throat tends to have that as a side effect.
Other than what appear to be song lyrics, this is utter nonsense.

 I have really no idea what to make of this.

Or this.

"Preaching to the choir?" More sketchy illustrations, and... what's that in the bottom corner? Paranoid ranting? NOW we're getting somewhere.

Shadows, a door... nope, nothing of use.

If nothing else, this shows that our mysterious Mike was a bit unstable, to say the least. I'll try googling a few of the phrases that came up in here, but I don't think it's going to help me too much. That was all that was in there. So much for this line of inquiry. Next, we'll check the 9-11 calls.

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