Sunday, May 22, 2011


Alright. Trying to tackle Red to the ground: apparently not the best idea. The video camera didn't make it any easier. Also, the cops showed up about five minutes after I got back inside. Great timing, guys. For this kind of service I pay my taxes, apparently. At least now I have some kind of visual evidence.

Right. So, all I have to go off of is my minute long clip of video. And there are a few things about it that are damn weird.

1) Static, video distortion, and random bits that cut to black. I never had issues with that camera before, but last night it was pretty messed up. Almost like there was interference. Or something. I tried the camera again today, and it worked just fine.

2) There was a third party present last night. At about :30, they charged from the right side of the screen and tackled Red. It might be worth noting that the distortion took a lower pitch at this point. Also, both Red and the other person (the video quality is too low to even tell gender) were gone when I got back up.

3) I was outside for at least five minutes, but the clip is only a minute long.

This should be the part where I make a guess or propose some kind of conclusion to draw from this. But I can't.

I really don't know where to go from here. Aside from sleeping with one eye open.

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